The High Priest Joshua

High Priest Joshua is a priest not ordained by humans, but appointed by God. He was hidden from all men throughout the history of the world until God’s appointed time for him to be revealed.

Three things are essential to the identification of the High Priest:
1.       The Branch
2.       Joshua
3.       The stone with seven facets

“I will reveal my servant, who is called The Branch! I am placing in front of Joshua a single stone with seven facets (Zechariah 3:8-9)

The Branch is the Prophet Mohammed. The prophet Mohammed and the Muslims in Mecca constitute the branch of Israel. They are Israelites, and the Promised Land God promised to Abraham extends from the borders of Egypt to the river Euphrates. Without Islam, the descendants of Abraham would have been unable to occupy the whole area of land God promised to Abraham.

Mecca is the southern part of the Promised Land; therefore Islam is the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Judaism is the Northern Kingdom of Israel in the Promised Land, which is why the Jewish nation is called Israel.

Islam at the Temple Mount is the Southern Kingdom of Judah, Judaism at the Temple Mount is the Northern Kingdom of Judah, and both constitute the United Israelite Kingdom. This means that the United Israelite Kingdom is not a political kingdom; rather, it is a religious kingdom.

Southern Kingdom of Judah = Islam (Muslims)
Northern Kingdom of Israel = Judaism (Jews)
Islam + Judaism = Muslims + Jews
                              = United Israelite Kingdom

Planet Saturn is God’s sign of creation of the United Israelite Kingdom. The Eye of Saturn in the Southern Hemisphere of the planet Saturn is Mecca. Saturn’s Hexagon in the northern hemisphere of the planet Saturn is Jerusalem.

Saturn’s Eye = Cornerstone at the Great Mosque in Mecca
Saturn’s Hexagon = Dome of the Chain at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The New United Israelite Kingdom is not a kingdom built in space; but a kingdom built in time. It is built in time so that it could accommodate Muslims and Jews wherever they are located on the surface of the earth. Every Jew or Muslims, irrespective of race, tribe, nation, language, or physical location on the surface of the earth, is a citizen of the New United Israelite Kingdom.

Time is the Clock.

The 12 periods of the Clock are the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and 6 on the Clock is Jerusalem. 6.00 PM is the Blue Saturn’s Hexagon, and 6.00AM is the Yellow (or golden) Saturn’s Hexagon. 6.00 on the Clock is Dome of the Chain at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Change in the colour of Saturn’s Hexagon from blue to yellow (or gold) is a transition from 6.00 PM in the evening to 6.00 AM the next morning. The yellow (or golden) hexagon is the glowing blue hexagon. The hexagon is glowing because of the overlap of Noon (Nigeria) and Midnight (Mecca). The light of the Noon is so bright that the darkness of the midnight disappeared.
“There shall be no more night” (Revelation 22:5)

Mecca on the Clock is the Cornerstone and Nigeria on the Clock is Wisdom. Wisdom is the bright light lighting up the Cornerstone.
“Send your light and your truth; may they lead me and bring me back to Zion, your sacred hill, and to your Temple, where you live” (Psalm 43:3)

The Cornerstone is the Moon at Midnight and Wisdom is the Sunlight at Noon. This means that the overlap of Wisdom and the Cornerstone is the alignment of the Sun and the Moon. The product of the alignment is an Annular Solar Eclipse.

Sunlight forms a ‘Ring of Light’ round the moon, and the ‘Ring of Light’ is the Light of the Glory of God shining on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Blue Hexagon is glowing because of this Light of the Glory of God shining as a result of the overlap of Christianity from Nigeria and Islam from Mecca.

Light (Wisdom) shines from Nigeria on Mecca causing the blue hexagon to glow. The hexagon is the Dome of the Chain.

The Light of the Glory of God is the ring at the summit of the Dome of the Chain. The roof of the Dome of the Chain is glowing gold because of the ring of light at its summit.

Joshua is Wisdom from Nigeria. And the overlap of Wisdom from Nigeria with the Cornerstone in Mecca is how the stone was placed in front of Joshua. The stone is at Midnight and Joshua is at Noon. Midnight and Noon are at 12 on the Clock; therefore the stone and Joshua are united at 12 on the Clock.

The Cornerstone is the Black Stone of Mecca. The Black Stone of Mecca is a stone made up of Seven Fragments, and the Seven Fragments are the Seven Facets of the stone placed in front of Joshua (Wisdom).

Stone with seven facets: stone made up of seven fragments

Stone made up of seven fragments: Black Stone of Mecca (or Cornerstone)

The Black Stone of Mecca is the Cornerstone placed in Zion.