Time is the Crown of Unity on Islam and Christianity

Time, represented by the clock, unites Islam and Christianity into a magnificent crown of glory. The crown is Dome of the Chain which has appeared as the hexagon in Saturn’s North Pole.

Saturn’s Hexagon is a resonance clock described by the resonance structure of the benzene ring. The clock is rotating at a very high speed such that its shadow is cast 90° ahead of the hexagon. The shadow is the night, and the night is represented by the blue hexagon that appeared in Saturn’s Northern Hemisphere.

The blue hexagon represents the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and the twelve tribes constitute the first cycle round the clock. The first cycle is the night journey starting from 6.00 PM in the evening to 6.00 AM in the morning.

The color of Saturn’s Hexagon changed from blue to yellow, demonstrating the transition from night to day. Night was the blue hexagon, day was the yellow hexagon. There is only one hexagon like there is only one clock. The blue hexagon is the cycle of the night in the same clock; the yellow hexagon is the cycle of the day in the same clock. The cycle of the day is a period of 12 hours starting from 6.00 AM in the morning to 6.00 PM in the evening. The 12 hours of the day represent the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.

Both the Apostles and the Tribes constitute the crown of glory of Christians and Muslims.
Tribes = Blue Saturn’s Hexagon
           = Muslims
           = ½ Clock (6 Units)

Apostles = Yellow Saturn’s Hexagon
               = Christianity
               = ½ Clock (6 Unites)

Tribes + Apostles = ½ Clock +1/2 Clock
                             = Blue Hexagon + Yellow Hexagon
                             = 6 Units + 6 Units
                             = 12 Units of the Clock
                             = 12 Stars of the Crown

Crown = Clock (Time)

Islam is the mirror image of Christianity and vice versa. Islam is made up of two halves:
1.       The Descending
2.       The Resurrection

Likewise, Christianity is made up of two halves:
1.       The Ascending
2.       The Return

The Descending is a journey from the present to the past; ascending is a journey from the present to the future. The present is Jerusalem, the past was Mecca, and the future was Nigeria. While Muslims were heading from the present to the past, Christians were traveling in opposite direction from the present to the future.

The journey of the Christians and the Muslims to the two opposite directions occurred simultaneously in the history of the world. Christians became more positive by the ascending and Muslims became more negative by the descending. The consequence was the polarization and extremism that later defined the two religions.

Nigeria was the height of Christianity when the historical journey of Christianity is measured starting from the beginning of the Christian movement in Jerusalem to the Apocalypse (the explanation) taking place in Nigeria. The Christian Movement was founded in Jerusalem and the Christians have been traveling from Jerusalem to the future, spreading the Good News as they moved from one location to another. The journey of the Christians was the journey of the Holy Spirit who traveled across the western world until he got to Nigeria.

The Holy Spirit is a light whose brightness is depicted by the brightness of the Planet Venus. Venus is the third brightest thing in the sky after the sun and the moon. The sun is Christianity, the moon is Islam, and Venus is the Holy Spirit.

The brightness of Venus is the radiance of Holy Wisdom. This radiance is the Revelation or the explanation of the mystery of God. The explanation is the end described as the Apocalypse.

Venus = Nigeria
           = Holy Wisdom
           = apocalypse (the Explanation)
           = Revelation
           = the Alpha (the End)

Venus (Nigeria) is a bright light shining on Mecca (the Cornerstone), and Jerusalem (the Foundation Stone) is the product of the union of the light from Nigeria and the Cornerstone in Mecca.

Jerusalem is the northern hemisphere of the planet Saturn; Mecca is the southern hemisphere of the planet Saturn:

Jerusalem = Saturn’s Hexagon in Saturn’s North Pole
Mecca = the Eye of Saturn in Saturn’s South Pole

From Jerusalem to Mecca is the Land God promised to Abraham. The descendants of Abraham were to receive this land through Islam.
“I Promised to give your descendants all this land from the border of Egypt to the River Euphrates” (Genesis 15:18)

The border of Egypt: Jerusalem axis of the land
The River Euphrates: Mecca axis of the land

The land from the borders of Egypt to the River Euphrates revolves around Mecca and Nigeria when Christianity is united with Islam to form the complete number of the descendants of Abraham. Nigeria is Egypt where the light came from; Mecca is the land by the River Euphrates. The light came from Egypt when the Israelites came from Egypt to the Promised Land.

Nigeria was Egypt where the Israelites came from, and Jerusalem was the Promised Land where the Israelites lived in freedom. Mecca was the era of the Israelites between Egypt and the Promised Land.

From Nigeria to Jerusalem is the pathway of the return of the Hebrews to the Promised Land. The Promised Land is at 6 on the Clock, and Mecca is at 12 on the Clock.

The return of the Christians from captivity in Nigeria to freedom in Jerusalem is equal to the resurrection of the Muslims from Mecca to Jerusalem. The return of the Christians is from Noon to 6.00 PM, and the resurrection is from Midnight to 6.00 AM.

Noon and Midnight are at 12 on the Clock, 6.00 PM and 6.00 AM are at 6 on the Clock; therefore the return and the resurrection are the two halves of the Clock:
1.       Return (12 to 6 on the left of the Clock)
2.       Resurrection (12 to 6 on the right of the Clock)

The Clock formed by the resurrection and the return is the crown of unity of Islam and Christianity.

The Clock is the Dome of the Chain at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The left half of the Clock is the resurrection depicted by the blue Saturn’s Hexagon. The return is the right half of the Clock depicted by the Yellow (or golden) Saturn’s Hexagon.

Change in the colour of Saturn’s Hexagon from blue to gold (or yellow) constitutes the Crown of Unity on Islam and Christianity.

12 = Clock (Crown)
     = Saturn’s Hexagon
     = 12 Units
     = 12 Stars

Church = Solar Cycle
             = 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM (Second Cycle round the Clock)
             = 12 Hours (12 Apostles of Jesus)

Mosque = Lunar Cycle
              = 6.00 PM – 6.00 AM (First Cycle round the Clock)

              = 12 Hours (12 Tribes of Israel)