The Temple of God is Love

Love, which unites Muslims, Christians, and Jews, is the Temple of God. Any adherent of these three religions having sincere love for members of the other two religions like he has for members of his own religion has God in him.

Although there are so many differences between Christians, Muslims, and Jews
dwell in peace in the Sacred Heart where love binds them together. This means that love is the Temple of God where all three religions dwell in harmony.

The Sacred Heart is love – the heart of everyone having love is a Sacred Heart, and the age-long religious conflicts and violence are absent in the loving heart. The loving heart rises above all hate.

Though there had been so much hate in our world, the loving heart lives above hate no matter the number of wrongs done in the past. It is only in the Sacred Heart Palestinians could love Jews without appology and be ready to live in peace and harmony with their Jewish neighbours. It is only in the Sacred Heart Jews could love Palestinians and live in peace, harmony and cooperation with them.

The Jews and the Palestinians come to the Temple of God when they begin to show love to one another. Worship is more than the physical rituals; and this was what the prophets of old kept telling the people of Judah and Israel.

No matter how much God’s people destroyed the pagan altars, they were still convicted of sin. The reason was that the true pagan altars were built in the hearts of men. God wanted men to destroy the pagan altars erected in their hearts because he knew that there will be no physical pagan altar once the pagan altars in the hearts of men are destroyed.

Love is the paradise that we seek. There had been so many images of the promised paradise – although most of the images are paintings and a picture of shining and brilliant castles, paradise is love in our hearts. Love is the shining and brilliant castle because there is no hate or strife in love.

Paradise is where the three religions come to the point of mutual love. This point of mutual love is the fulfillment of the New Jerusalem. One doesn’t necessarily have to travel a physical journey to Jerusalem before entering into the New Jerusalem; the New Jerusalem is in the hearts of everyone that has the love of God in him. The love of God is not a love meant for some group of people; it is universal. It is a love that goes beyond the three religions; the three religions constitute a love to be emulated by all people on earth.

For everyone who has dreamed of entering into paradise, here is paradise: Love! Everyone has an equal opportunity to enter into paradise – one could be a Muslim, Christian or Jew and still be unable to enter into paradise. A Christian could be exempted from paradise by his unwillingness to reconcile with Muslims; and an unbeliever could enter into paradise because he cherishes the reconciliation of the three religions.

Denying that Muslims are not the people of God and claiming that only Christians or only some Christian denominations belong to God separates one from the pleasant place called paradise.

There is no wrong in a loving heart, and no one can have claim over anything unless God gives it to him. God is not exempting anyone from his presence; people are exempting themselves by denying God’s love. Unwillingness to accept religious reconciliation put in place by God separates one from the presence of God, no matter how much the individual sings and shout and pray.

Love for neighbor is love for God, and God has demonstrated this love through the reconciliation of the three religions. He reconciled them because it is only through reconciliation the descendants of Abraham are to receive the promise.