The Sign of the New Temple

Planet Saturn is the sign of the New Temple. The Jews asked Jesus to show them a sign confirming his authority, and planet Saturn is the heavenly sign confirming the authority of Jesus Christ.The Jews asked Jesus,
“What sign have you to show us for doing this?” (John 2:18)

We know that planet Saturn has always been a planet whose elaborate ring system made it stand out of the other planets. But what we didn’t know is the mystery shrouding Saturn’s Hexagon and Saturn’s Eye in Saturn’s North Pole and Saturn’s South Pole respectively.

Saturn’s Hexagon symbolizes Jerusalem. The hexagon is the place called Dome of the Chain at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This means that Dome of the Chain is a very important landmark in Jerusalem and the earth, so important that it appeared in the sky.

Saturn’s Eye symbolises Mecca. Saturn’s Eye is the Black Stone at the corner of the Kaaba in Mecca. The Kaaba is at the centre of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, implying that the Kaaba with the Black Stone is so important that it appeared in the sky.

Since the Grand Mosque where the Kaaba is is the Holiest site in Islam, Saturn’s Eye is more than just Mecca; it is Islam. And the strong wind blowing in Saturn’s South Pole is a manifestation of the gathering of Muslims round the Kaaba. Worship activities of Muslims on earth are being confirmed in signs and wonders in Saturn’s South Pole.

While Muslims go on pilgrimage to Mecca, the spiritual journey is happening simultaneously in space. Pilgrimage to Mecca by the Muslims is called Hajj. Therefore Hajj operation is a space voyage from planet earth to planet Saturn.

The Muslims constitute the heavy storm that now defines Saturn’s South Pole.  The heavy storm is the very large population of Muslims who go on pilgrimage to Mecca or Muslims worshiping in Mosques where the Qibla is made to face the direction of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. This means that the storm in Saturn’s South Pole is due to the huge traffic of Muslims travelling the spiritual journey of Islam.

The eye at the centre of the storm is the Cornerstone by the eastern corner of the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

God did not delegate judgement to the Christians. In fact, Jesus warned the Christians to refrain from judging. He warned the Christians because God had given the Muslims the right to judge. And the Muslims have already exercised that right to judge. God used the hands of the Muslims to bring about Judgement and that is all that is required of the Muslims in God’s Judgement.

The world has already been judged by the works of the Muslims; and there is no needs looking forward to gloom and doom. God did not (and is not) soliciting anyone to punish another on Judgement Day because he has already used the hands of men to demonstrate his judgement. And the Judgement is that God had been creating three religions which he intended to use to perfect man. Once he had completed the process of creating the three religions, he united them to form the symbol of love. Love between the three religions is the perfection of man.

Love is the symbol of the heart of man; therefore perfection is the creation of a new heart for every man. This new heart is made up of the perfection created by the reconciliation of the three religions; therefore the new heart is the New Temple. It is a heart or a Temple filled with love for neighbour and lack of zeal for violence, conflict and war. It is a heart filled with smiles and laughter. This was the kind of heart Sarah had when God told Abraham that Sarah was going to have a son.

Laughter is Isaac; therefore the hearts of all men will be filled with Isaac. Laughter (Isaac) is placed in the hearts of all men so that the heart is the Temple of Isaac. This means that Isaac unifies Christians, Muslims and Jews.