The Second Coming of Jesus

The second coming of Jesus is the coming of Holy Wisdom – Hagia Sophia into the human body. Holy Wisdom is the Holy Spirit of God, and its entry into the hearts of men brings Christ in them from death to life.

The location of Hagia Sophia on earth is Constantinople (present day Istanbul), and the Orthodox Catholic Church in Constantinople was planet Jupiter. Venus is Nigeria; and the second coming of Jesus was the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. Holy Wisdom cultivated in Constantinople during the Millennium Reign of Christ is now in conjunction with Holy Wisdom coming from Nigeria.

The story of Jesus Christ is the story of all human beings on earth. The polarization of the society of God’s people into conflicting extreme groups is the death of Jesus because the destinies of all God’s people on earth were tied to the life of the one man Jesus. This means that those who killed Jesus committed suicide without knowing they did. The fate of Judas Iscariot defines how those that betrayed Jesus committed suicide through the betrayal.

Whenever God’s Spirit is in the body of a human being, Holy Wisdom flows from the person as though he is emitting light. This explains how the Foundation Stone was emitting light before Jesus was crucified.

The death of Jesus was the separation of the Spirit and the flesh. After the separation, the flesh went back to the past and the Spirit went to the future; the past was the east and the future was the west. The east was the site of the replay of the events of the Old Testament starting from the Book of Genesis. Those events were what Islam in Mecca is about. It was about Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Adam in the Garden ofEden was the first Adam. The flesh formed after the separation of the Spirit of Jesus Christ from his body was the first Adam. The Muslims in Saudi Arabia constitute the first Adam; small wonder Muslims consider themselves as human beings and are not opened to adopt any idea equating man to God. They were not gods, but men, because they did not have the Holy Spirit working in them.

As people made up of only the flesh, their bodies were to be resurrected by the Holy Spirit of God. The coming of the Holy Spirit to the Muslims is the breath of life portrayed by how God breathed into the man he created.

As the first Adam, the Muslims in Arabia constitute the first man God created from the soil.
“Then the LORD God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it” (Genesis 2:7)

The soil is the BlackStone, and the man formed from the soil is the sum of the Muslims.
First Adam  = Living Being
                    = Man of the Flesh 
                    = Muslims in Mecca

The first Adam was Ishmael whose mother was Hagar. Hagar was described as a slave because her son was not alive. Ishmael had no Spirit; therefore he was dying. For this son to live, he must drink from the well of the wisdom of God.
“Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well. She went and filled the leather bag with water and gave some to the boy” (Genesis 21:19)

After drinking the water from the well of wisdom, Ishmael was transformed into Isaac and his mother became Sarah.

Ishmael was the flesh, the water from the well was the Holy Spirit; when Ishmael drank the water, the Holy Spirit entered him and became a breath of life in him. The entering of the Holy Spirit into Ishmael was how God breathed life-giving breath into the nostrils of the first Adam.
“He breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live” (Genesis 2:7)

Life-giving breath = Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is Holy Wisdom or light which came to Islam and Islam was transformed from the flesh to the flesh/spirit. The flesh/spirit is the second Adam – the second Adam is represented by the Foundation Stone
The Muslims in Jerusalem constitute the second Adam, and the Muslims in Mecca constitute the first Adam.

The journey of Islam from Mecca to Jerusalem is the resurrection, and the resurrection was the return of Jesus Christ after his death. The Christians saw Jesus when he returned from Arabia but they didn’t understand how he came from death to life because the events of the resurrection took place in Islam. Jesus journeyed back to Genesis and then returned from Genesis to the beginning of the New Testament through the resurrection

Jesus who came back after his death was made up of the Muslims in union with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Holy Wisdom or light shining from the faces of the Muslims in Jerusalem. The light is the Full Moon which is represented by the Foundation Stone.

The light developed from the crescent to the Full Moon. Te crescent was the conception; the Full Moon was the birth. The Black Stone of Mecca was the womb representing the womb of Mary or Sarah. The Black Stone was the Dark Moon; and as the moon increases in light from the Dark Moon to the Full Moon, so the child developed from conception to birth.

The new born child is Jesus, made up of the spirit (the Christians) and the flesh (the Muslims). What this means is that the Foundation Stone is a hybrid formed from the cross-breeding of Islam with Christianity.

Jesus is a true Muslim and a true Christian. As a true Muslim, he is Issah (Isaac); but as a true Christian, he is the Christ.