The Return of Jesus Christ

The return of Jesus Christ is the period between the conception and the birth of Jesus which only Islam could explain. Islam is the life-cycle of Sarah starting from when Sarah got pregnant to when she gave birth to her son Isaac. Pregnant Sarah with the fetus Isaac in her womb was the image and likeness of pregnant Virgin Mary with the fetus Jesus in her womb. This means that the same woman identified as Sarah by the Muslims is the same woman the Christians are calling Mary. The child called Jesus in Christianity is Isaac in Islam. Therefore the return of Jesus is the reconciliation of Islam with Christianity.

The Muslim name for Isaac is Issah.

When Jesus gave up the Spirit, his Spirit went clockwise to the future and his flesh went anticlockwise to the past. The Spirit that went clockwise to the future created the Solar Cycle –the Church; and the flesh that went to the past created the Lunar Cycle –the Mosque.

Sarah was in the past –in Genesis, and Mary was in the future –in Revelation. The past was below and the future was above; small wonder Mary was described as having the moon under her feet.
“There was a woman, whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet”         (Revelation 12:1)

Woman = Mary

Whose Dress was the Sun     = Solar Cycle
                                               = 6.00AM – 6.00PM
                                               = Sunrise – Sunset
                                               = Church
                                               = Mary
Under Her Feet = Beneath
                          = the Past

Who had the Moon under Her Feet = Lunar Cycle
                                                         = 6.00PM – 6.00AM
                                                         = Sunset – Sunrise
                                                         = Mosque
                                                         = Sarah

Under Her Feet = the Past

‘Under Her Feet’ means that the night is the previous day and sunrise is the beginning of the next day. The duration of the sun in the new day is the Church or Mary, while the previous day now belongs to her past. The day is always in the future of the night.

Another way to describe the relationship between Islam and Christianity is that the sun is above the moon. The Solar Cycle is above the Lunar Cycle; therefore the Church is above the Mosque.

There is no conflict between Islam and Christianity after all. Jesus was the white stone called the Pierced Stone or the Foundation Stone. The whiteness of the stone is due to the fact that it was emitting light. The stone represents the human body and the light coming out of the stone represents the Holy Spirit. The white stone with the light constitute the union of the body with the Holy Spirit.

Separation of the Holy Spirit from the body was described as death. Death implies separation of humans from God. God is a Spirit that gives life to the human body whenever he is in union with man. God’s Spirit is a breath of life in the human body; and the Spirit is Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia).

Holy Wisdom is the water of life contained in the Well of Souls at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Whoever drinks from that well will come back to life.
“Come, whoever is thirsty; accept the water of life as a gift, whoever wants it.”           (Revelation 22:17)

The soul of every person that drank from the Well of Souls will be released from the well and his body will come back to life incorruptible. He will live, never to die again.