The Rapture

The rapture takes mankind from being inhabitants of the earth to dwellers of the sky as well. Certain categories of people on earth who believed that it is possible for men to be lifted from the surface of the earth to inhabit the sky were scheduled to rapture into their celestial homes. Their celestial homes have been created and within a twinkle of an eye they will find themselves living there.

Those that were scheduled to rapture to the sky are already in their celestial homes, even though they do not know it. What is require now is adequate explanation. The explanation is called the Apocalypse.

An apocalypse is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, "a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities" (Wikipedia)

Once they are able to understand that they are already in the sky, they will suddenly find themselves dwelling in the sky.

The celestial home is built on the Solar System. Four out of the eight planets in the Solar System are the four pillars on which the celestial home stands. The four planets are:
1.       Venus (2)
2.       Mars (4)
3.       Jupiter (5)
4.       Saturn (6)

These four planets are arranged at the top of the Dome of the Rock so that the Dome of the Rock is the place of the ascension. Dome of the Rock is where the ascension is explained; therefore learning this knowledge from the Dome of the Rock and understanding it helps to open one’s mind to the reality of whether he ascended to the sky or not.

Though the ascension is a journey round the eight planets of the Solar System, it is summarized to a circle formed by Venus and Saturn. Venus and Saturn are two extremes of the circle of the sky. This means that the sky is a circle and Venus and Saturn are the two extremes of the circle. These two extremes are shown as the highest and the lowest points above the roof of the Mosque called Dome of the Rock.

The sky is a clock; Venus occupies 12 on the clock and Saturn occupies 6 on the clock. This means that when Venus is at 6.00PM, Saturn is at 6.00AM; and when Venus is at 6.00AM, Saturn is at 6.00PM on the clock.

Venus is the second planet of the Solar System, Saturn is the sixth planet, and the sum of the positions of Venus and Saturn in the Solar System is equal to eight (representing the eight planets).  Therefore the eight planets are contained within the circle of Venus and Saturn.

Two semi-circles are formed when a straight line is drawn from Venus to Saturn. On one half of the circle is Jupiter and Mars is on the other half of the circle such that the eight planets are equal to 45.

‘45’ was initially misunderstood to imply that there are nine planets in the Solar System. Such assertion was a distortion that denied the reconciliation of the works of God’s people on earth with the sky, and prevented them from receiving the promise of their celestial home.

Without the use of powerful telescopes and observatory stations, God’s people were able to predict accurately that there were eight planets in the Solar System revolving round the sun. The sun was depicted as Christ and the eight planets were described as God’s people gathering round Christ.

The golden roof of Dome of the Rock is the bright sky, and the planets above the roof constitute heaven – the abode of Christ and his people.