The Holy Bible Opened Across the Sky

The entire history of the world recorded in the Holy Bible is opened across the sky from Genesis to Revelation. Genesis is the beginning of the created world and Revelation is the end of the world. The whole history of the world is contained within Genesis and Revelation, and all events on earth are what have already been described in the books of the Holy Bible starting from Genesis to Revelation.

The Holy Bible is made up of two categories of books:
1.       The Old Testament
2.       The New Testament

The Old Testament and the New Testament are opened across the sky as the Lunar Cycle and the Solar Cycle respectively. This means that the circle formed from sunset to sunrise is the Old Testament and the circle formed from sunrise to sunset is the New Testament. Since the Holy Bible is the sum of the Old Testament and the New Testament, each passing day is the Holy Bible and the circle of the sky is the Holy Bible.

Sunset to sunrise is dominated by the moonlight, and the moonlight is the light of Islam. Therefore the Old Testament opened across the sky is dominated by the history of the Muslims. The Muslims were the Israelites led by Moses in the wilderness, and the Law which Moses used to govern them in the wilderness was preserved by God and reintroduced as the Holy Quran.

This implies that the circle formed by the Lunar Cycle is the Holy Quran. From sunset to sunrise is the Holy Quran opened across the sky. The contents of the Holy Quran opened across the sky are the Muslims on earth. The night sky is like a glass ceiling where everything done by the Muslims on earth are visible through the moonlight.

Sunrise to sunset is Christianity, and the sunlight is the light of the Christians. This light is the New Testament, and the circle formed by the rising to the setting of the sun is the New Testament. This circle contains the life the Christians lived on earth, and the sunlight will reveal the life of the Christians from the sky to all people on earth.

The Torah is the scroll containing the life the Jews lived on earth. Though man tends to think that the contents of the Torah are stories of how the Jews lived in the past, the reality is that the contents of the Torah are descriptions of how the Jews are living today. Though the Jewish world, like the rest of the world, is more sophisticated than the periods described in the Torah, the characteristics of the Jews today are the same with those of the Jews described in the Torah.

Since each of the three religions is governed by the characteristics described in the Holy Book of that religion, members of each religion are judged by their Holy Book. Muslims are judged by what were written down in the Holy Quran, Christians are judged by what were written down in the New Testament, and Jews are judged by what were written down in the Torah.

“Books were opened, and then another book was opened, the book of the living” (Revelation 20:12)