The Father has Two Identifies: Abram and Abraham

The Father has two identities:
1.       Abram
2.       Abraham

Abram symbolizes the Law and Abraham symbolizes the light of the Law. The Law here is the Ten Commandment and the light of the Law is Christ. This means that the Ten Commandments glows and the light emitted by the Ten Commandment is Christ. The change in the name of the Father from Abram to Abraham simply demonstrates how the Ten Commandment began to radiate light.

Ishmael and Isaac are the two products of the two personalities of the Father respectively. Ishmael is the product of the Father when the Father was Abram; Isaac is the product of the Father when the name of the Father was changed from Abram to Abraham.

Since Abram is about the Law, Ishmael, the son of the Father while the Father was Abram, inherited the Law. The Law he inherited was the part of the story of the Hebrews where the Israelites were gathered round Moses at Mount Sinai. This part of the story of the Israelites exists today as Islam.

This means that the future of the Hebrews was tied to the life of the Father who was called Abram or Abraham. The Father was initially a Muslim adhering to the Law and the son he gave birth to while he was a Muslim inherited Islam; that son was Ishmael.

Moses was scheduled to demonstrate Ishmael in the future after the completion of the lifespan of the Blessed Trinity. The Trinity before Abram was made up of the three sons of Noah. The three sons are called the Trinity because they are the ancestors of all humans on earth after the end of the flood. They – the three sons of Noah constitute the crown of the old world and the beginning of a new world. The new world is a world full of God’s mercy; the mercy of God was demonstrated by the appearing of the seven colours of the rainbow.

Since Ishmael is the product of the Father Abram, Ishmael is the first part of the body of the Father. This first part is the Corner Stone at the Kaaba in Mecca. This means that the Muslims constitute the Cornerstone and the Cornerstone was the stone carved out of the solid rock. The solid rock here is the Pierced Stone in Jerusalem – the Pierced Stone is the Father.

God the Father Almighty ended at the Blessed Trinity before beginning from Abram. The Blessed Trinity was the crown of Noah, and the world returned to Adam after the era of Noah. Abram was Adam in the future because God’s creation was a circle where the beginning is the end.

The end is the era of the appearing of the person of the Holy Spirit the – the third person of the Blessed Trinity. The Holy Spirit is a creator, recreating the world at the end and beginning of time. Central to the recreated world is man; therefore the Holy Spirit unites with man to form an alliance between God and man. The man was Abram and product of the alliance between man and God is Abraham.

Abram was the first man called the first Adam –the first Adam was Ishmael (i.e. the Muslims). Abraham was the second Adam. The first Adam is a living being, but the second Adam is a life –giving spirit.