The Church in Egypt

The era of the Holy Spirit in Nigeria was the era of the Israelites in Egypt. It was the era of the reign of the magicians, sorcerers, Egyptian Idols, demons, and evil spirits that were called gods. They were spiritual authorities, powers and dominions collaborating with other spirits in other parts of the world.

Jesus’ journey to heaven was divided into three stages:
1.       The Journey to Abraham
2.       The Journey to Isaac
3.       The journey to Jacob

The three persons listed above constitute the Blessed Trinity. In the Blessed Trinity, Abraham is the person of the Father, Isaac is the person of the Son, and Jacob is the person of the Holy Spirit.

Abraham was the Father whom Christ said he was ascending to when he said ‘I am going to the Father’. Therefore the Father whom he went to was the Orthodox Catholic Church. He came from Judaism and ascended to the Orthodox Catholic Church. At the Orthodox Catholic Church, only Father Abraham sat on the throne.

After founding the throne of Abraham, Christ went further to create the throne of Isaac. The throne of Isaac was the throne of the Son, and this throne was the Roman Catholic Church. Abraham had another Son Ishmael that was alienated from the family. Ishmael was Islam founded in Arabia. Islam was to remain separate until God is ready to use the Muslims to achieve his secret plan. Though Ishmael was not numbered among the Blessed Trinity, God had prepared a special place for him.

From Isaac, Jesus went to Jacob. Jacob was the person of the Holy Spirit who emerged from the Roman Catholic Church after the fall of the Roman Catholic Church. The fall of the Roman Catholic Church was the death of Isaac.

Isaac twin sons Esau and Jacob were Islam and Christianity in Nigeria. The Nigerian Muslims constitute Esau, and the Nigerian Christians constitute Jacob. There were strong disagreement between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria like there were disagreements between Esau and Jacob. In spite of the disagreements, God has reserved Nigeria as a symbol of unity, coexistence and love between Muslims and Christians. Though there were forces fighting to disunite the country and ruin God’s plan, God was determine to defeat these forces and achieve his secret plan of peace between Muslims and Christians.

Jacob had a dream at Bethel where God gave him understanding that Islam and Christianity are two camps of one God. And after the dream, he decided to reconcile with his brother Esau. Little did he know that even Esau was ready to reconcile with him. Though Jacob was afraid that his brother might harm him, Esau surprised him by embracing him; and both of them were crying.

Nigerian Muslims will reconcile with Nigerian Christians irrespective of their past differences. Though it is believed that Muslims are violent and might inflict violence on Christian communities if allowed into Christian societies, such  is a thing of the past.

Boko Haram is dead; and the Muslims in Nigeria will defeat and bury Boko Haram, all Islamic hate groups, and all terror groups operating in Nigeria. They will do this and become a standard for the whole world. Nigeria will become the global standard for Muslim-Christian unity.

Nigeria as the standard will guide and lead the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. The Promised Land is the Temple Mount; and the Israelites are Muslims, Christians and Jews in all parts of the world. The Israelites were taken to Egypt where they were enslaved by demons and evil spirits. They were slaves to idols, magicians, sorcerers and fortune-tellers in all parts of the world; and now God is determined to lead them to rest at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where nobody will ever be able to enslave them or turn them away from God.

Jacob is Israel; therefore Jacob’s era was the era of Israel. Since Jacob is the person of the Holy Spirit, the era of the Holy Spirit was the time Israel went into slavery in Egypt. The Israelites were the Christians and all Christians on earth were taken to captivity in Egypt. These demonic powers and evil spirits in Egypt refused to give the Christians freedom. While the Egyptian evil spirits and demons focused their attention on fighting against the good fortunes of the Christians, a child who would lead the Israelite out of Egypt was developing in the womb. The child was Moses.

Moses is the Law, and the Law is Islam. While the Evil spirits and demons were desperate at holding down the fortunes of the Christians, Islam was born. The enemies of Christ thought that it was through Christianity Jesus will become king, therefore they invaded the Church and were all over the Church frustrating every attempt at unveiling Christ as king. While they were doing these things, the Holy Spirit left the Church and moved to Islam. Jesus was converted to a Muslim.

The enemies thought Moses was the one that will lead the Israelites to the Promised Land; therefore they devised a plan to keep Moses roaming with the Israelites in the Wilderness. They were using both insiders and outsiders to frustrate Moses and the Israelites in the Wilderness. They waylaid them and asked them not to pass through their territories. No one wanted to give them support or anything that will sustain them in the wilderness or make easy their journey through the wilderness.

The fight against Moses was the war against Islam. Moses had to command the Israelites in wars against the nations of the enemies that were desperate at preventing the Israelites from getting to the Promised Land. The wars were the jihads launched by the Muslims against unbelievers. In those wars, the Muslims destroyed the idols and the sacred pillars of the enemy nations according to the command God gave the Israelites in the wilderness. They also did not tolerate idolatry in their midst as God had instructed them.

While the whole attention was on frustrating Moses and keeping the Israelites roaming in the wilderness, all the while there was another child developing in the womb whom nobody ever paid attention to. The child was Joshua. When the Holy Spirit came out of the Catholic Church, he went to Islam where he was Joshua.

Joshua was the light developing in the Tent of the Lord’s presence, a light to guard both Muslims and Christians to the Promised Land. His conception was the crescent, and he was to develop from the crescent to the Full Moon. Joshua was the moonlight shining at night, a light to guide the Muslims to the Promised Land.

When the whole world thought that Islam was already ruined by terrorism, radicalism and extremism, God unveiled his secret plan by asking Moses to hand over leadership to Joshua and allow him to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land.

The Light came from the Pentecostal Church and went to Islam. In Islam, the light was Joshua developing in the womb and hidden from the enemies who did not want Jesus to be king in Jerusalem. At full moon, Christ the King was born as Joshua in Jerusalem. He is the pierced stone at the center of Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The pierced stone is a white stone indicating that the Black Stone is now glowing.