Saturn’s Hexagon is Dome of the Chain

Dome of the Chain appeared over planet Saturn as a symbol of the declaration of Judgment Day. Dome of the Chain is the hexagon on Saturn’s northern hemisphere called Saturn’s Hexagon. Saturn’s Hexagon was a blue hexagon, but has now turned from blue to gold.

The Muslims got it right when they said Judgment Day will take place at the Dome of the Rock. The judgment is that when the unjust man looks at it, he saw only one side; but when the just man looked at it, he saw the other side. The unjust man said there is only one side, but the just man says that there are two sides.

The unjust man is the Christian that denies Islam and has shut his heart against the Muslims; while the unjust Muslim is a Muslim that denies Christianity and has closed his ears and eyes against the Christians. When the unjust Muslim looked at it, he saw only Islam; when the unjust Christians looked at it, he saw only Christianity.

The inability of the Muslims and the Christians to find out that they were coworkers for a common salvation was the cause of the disagreements that led to violent confrontations and large-scale wars between Christians and Muslims.

History kept a huge record of religiously motivated wars between Christian nations and Muslim nations. Christian armies came from Europe to fight against Muslims in Jerusalem who came from the other parts of the Middle East. They fought and died over the question of who has the rightful claim over Jerusalem.

Deep hatred informed by ignorance of the truth led to suicide bomb attacks, the holding hostage of passengers of airlines, the rise and proliferation of suicide squads and terror organizations, civil wars, the spread of radical Islam, etc. Masked men took up arms against their neighours, country men, and fellow humans because they thought those people were wrong.

Bombs were dropped on whole cities and towns, children were starved and rendered homeless, bullets flew in the air. People began to migrate to places where they not welcome. People who were already horrified by the horrors of war began to suffer in the hands of the people in the places they thought they will find peace and justice.

At the Dome of the Chain Islam and Christianity are two lights alternating between night and day. We know that night or day is experienced by Muslims and Christians alike. As Muslims look up to Christians to light up the day, so Christians look up to the Muslims to light up the night. Though the moonlight is a product of sunlight, without the moon the sun cannot shine into the night. It is on this backdrop God called the prophet Mohamed to bring light out of the moon.

The Muslims couldn’t see into the day because there was no sunlight, and the Christians couldn’t see into the night because there was no sunlight. This was why the Word of God said that the sun will grow dark and the moon will refuse to give its light before Judgment. Christianity was the sun that grew dark, and Islam was the moon that refused to give its light.