Saturn’s Eye is the Black Stone of Mecca

The Black Stone of Mecca appeared over the southern hemisphere of planet Saturn as a symbol of the declaration of Judgment Day. The Muslims believe that the Black Stone will come to judge. They also believe that judgment will take place at the Dome of the Rock. Now both the Black Stone and the Dome of the Chain have now appeared over the Planet Saturn. This means that the world is at Judgment Day.

Saturn’s Eye is the eye of the Law and the Law is about Judgment. This was the Law God gave to Moses at Mount Sinai. God’s Promise to Moses was that he will give Moses a nation far larger than the Israelites Moses was leading in the wilderness.

God is capable of raising up new people and make them Israelites. John the Baptist warned the Jews of this possibility when he said,
 “God can take these stones and make descendants for Abraham!”.

An injustice was done to Ishmael and God was determined to correct the injustice. Since the promise was through Isaac, God has to cause Ishmael to be reborn as Isaac so that the descendants of Ishmael could receive the promise God made to their ancestor Abraham. Like he led the Israelites through the wilderness to the Promised Land, he led the descendants of Ishmael from the wilderness to the Promised Land.

The descendants of Ishmael were the people God used to create the nation he Promised Moses. He created a nation of the Law, a new set of Israelites in the wilderness. These ones were meant to wonder through the wilderness and receive the same baptism of fire like the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land. Moses who led these new Israelites in the wilderness was the prophet Mohamed. And the nation was Islam.

The journey of the Muslims through the wilderness was summarized as Mohamed Night Journey. In that journey, Mohamed went back to Arabia to demonstrate that Moses’ place is the wilderness and that Moses did not get to the Promised Land.

It was the child in the womb who led the Israelites into the Promised Land. The Child was Joshua developing in the Tent of the Lord’s Presence. Joshua was the moonlight. For the Muslims to enter into the Promised Land, they must focus on the moonlight. The night was very dark and the moonlight gave them light and showed them the direction to the Promised Land.

Conception was the first appearing of the crescent, and birth was the full moon. The child in the womb developed as increase in moonlight from the crescent to the full moon. At full moon, the child was born. The born child is the white foundation stone; and the Israelites that came from the wilderness to the Promised Land are the Muslims that are gathered round the Foundation Stone. They constitute the resurrected Jesus.

This is the story of the Good Samaritan. The Palestinians bandaged the wounds of Jesus that is why the Foundation Stone is white. The wound is the scar on Jesus; the scar on Jesus was the reason the Foundation Stone is called the Pierced Stone.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Palestine, and it was through Palestine Jesus became king in Jerusalem.