Moses and Elijah Talking with Jesus

The reconciliation of the three religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity – was described by the Transfiguration where Moses and Elijah were talking with Jesus. Talking here implies that Moses and Elijah are having a conversation because Jesus is speaking a language Moses and Elijah could understand.

Islam is about the Law which Moses used to govern the Israelites in the wilderness; therefore Moses in the Transfiguration implies the Law or the Muslims. The Law of Moses is the Quran – the Holy Book of the Muslims.

Judaism is about the writings of the Hebrew prophets, and the writings of the prophets are prophecies documented as the Torah. Prophet Elijah is the embodiment of the prophets like Moses is the Law; therefore Elijah is used to substitute the prophets or the Torah. Elijah also implies the Jews since Judaism is the religion of the Jews.

We are aware that Christianity is about Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible is the Holy Book of the Christians. Therefore Jesus in the transfiguration implies the Christians or the Holy Bible.

Jesus appearing with Moses and Elijah at the transfiguration implies that Muslims and Jews appeared in glory with the Christians. It also means that the Holy Quran and the Torah appeared in glory with the Holy Bible. The glory is the circle formed by the ring of Saturn. The circle or glory surrounds the three religions to portray unity and reconciliation. This means that the circle of glory is the circle of peace and love.

The Holy Bible is opened in Judgment and the prophecies recorded in the Holy Bible are being used to confirm the prophecies contained in the Holy Quran and the Torah. Islam and Judaism are contained in the Holy Bible – the Holy Bible is filled with the stories of the Muslims and the Jews as much as the stories of the Christians.

It is important to state clearly that the New Testament is not about only the Christians; it is about the Muslims as well as the Jews.

Irrespective of how the Jews and the Muslims were defined by the New Testament, the book stated that all are united by love. The height of religion is love between adherents of these three religions, and showing love to each other is the fulfillment of the Law.
“Love is the fulfilling of the Law” (Romans 13:10)

Love is described as the fulfilling of the Law because love is the product of the works of the Muslims. God’s judgment at Judgment Day turns out to be the invention of love between Muslims, Christians and Jews through the works of the Muslims. Muslim worship at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Grand Mosque in Mecca turned out to be the platform of love on which God came to judge the earth.