Judgment Day

God’s declaration of Judgment Day has appeared over planet Saturn as Saturn’s Hexagon and the Eye of Saturn. Saturn’s Hexagon appeared over the northern hemisphere of Planet Saturn, and Saturn’s Eye appeared over the southern hemisphere of planet Saturn.

Saturn’s Hexagon is the Dome of the Chain at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, while Saturn’s Eye is the Black Stone attached to the eastern corner of the kaaba at the Great Mosque of Mecca. Both the Dome of the Chain and the Black Stone are associated with God’s Judgment of the people of the earth. This means that Mecca, like Jerusalem, is central to the judgment of the world. That is why Mecca is called the Valley of Judgment.

Planet Saturn is the summary of the journey of Jesus across the history of the earth. The journey began from the South Pole of the planet Saturn to the North Pole of the planet. Between the north and the south is the scroll – the Torah. The Torah is the ring or disc surrounding the Planet Saturn.

The Journey of Jesus across the history of the world is divided into three days:
1.       The day of Moses
2.       The Day of David
3.       The Day of Jesus

The first Day is the Day Jesus died; this day was on Friday, and Friday is Muslim Day of worship. The second day was the next day Jesus was left in the grave because it was Jewish Holy Day. This day was Saturday, the Sabbath Day. The third day was the day Jesus resurrected from the dead. This day was the day after the Sabbath Day, which means that it was on Sunday. Sunday is Christian day of worship.

This means that Jesus was murdered on Muslim day of worship, left in the grave on Jewish day of worship, and resurrected on Christian day of worship. It means that the story of Jesus is a story transcending Islam, Judaism and Christianity; and it is this long history Jesus came with. The long history is a chain described as a heavy chain, and the heavy chain is the chain of the Dome of the Chain.

The history of the Israelites is divided into the three days. The first day was when Moses led the Israelites in the wilderness, the second day was when David led the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the Promised Land, and the third day was the day of Jesus and his Twelve Disciples.

The Israelites in the wilderness are the Muslims and the wilderness is Mecca. This means that the Muslims at the Grand Mosque in Mecca are the Israelites gathered round Moses. Moses is the Law; therefore since Muslims are united by the Law, the Law at the center of Islam is Moses. The Law manifested as the Holy Quran, therefore the Holy Quran is Moses leading the Israelites in the wilderness.

The wilderness is Saturn’s Southern Hemisphere, which means that Saturn’s southern hemisphere is Mecca. And the Law is Saturn’s Eye. Saturn’s Eye represents Judgment as the Law is about Judgment and punishment.

Saturn’s Northern hemisphere is the Promised Land because Saturn’s Hexagon is Dome of the Chain in Jerusalem. Saturn’s southern hemisphere is not the Promised Land because Saturn’s Eye is the Black Stone in Mecca.

The Kingdom of David is the Thousand Years or the Millennium Reign of Christ. The Twelve Tribes of Israel was taken to Rome and the Church in the Roman Empire was the United Israelite Kingdom. The Thousand Years was the era of the Orthodox Catholic Church and the reign of God the Father. The Thousand Years ended with the Fall of Constantinople. The Fall of Constantinople was the Fall of Samaria. The Assyrians came and captured Constantinople (Samaria). The Assyrian Emperor who led the Assyrians to capture Constantinople was Mehmed the Conqueror.

The reign of the Twelve Tribes of Israel was the blue Saturn’s Hexagon. This means that the blue hexagon that appeared over the planet Saturn was the Orthodox Catholic Church; it was the era of the Pentarchy or the Five Patriarchates.

Saturn’s blue hexagon turned from blue to gold denoting the transition from the Twelve Tribes of Israel to the Twelve Disciple of Jesus. The blue hexagon was the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the golden hexagon is the Twelve Disciples of Jesus. Jesus with his Twelve Disciples was the Catholic Church, which stood after the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. This was the era of Jesus with his Twelve Disciples recorded in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This era ended with the betrayal of Jesus and his crucifixion on the cross.

This means that everyone, including the disciples of Jesus, will abandon him to die on the cross at the end of the era of the Catholic Church. It was at the end of the reign of the Catholic Church Peter denied Jesus by saying, “I don’t even know him!” That denial demonstrated that the era of the Catholic Church was over.  And the fall of the Catholic Church was the Fall of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians who desecrated the Temple, erected pagan altars and began to offer pagan sacrifices on the altar. Christianity was invaded and taken over by magicians, fortune-tellers, sorcerers, perverts, murderers, liars and the immoral. The Awful Horror was set up over the Church, and many Churches specializing in specific ways of desecrating the altar of God sprang up. False prophets were everywhere using sorcery, lies, and wicked deceit to manipulate desperate so-called Christians.

This era in Christianity was a free for all – it was the free for all called the Lawless Era. The Lawless Era was the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ that came after the era of the Catholic Church. While the lawlessness was ongoing, the Holy Spirit came out of the Catholic Church, through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the institution of the Holy Eucharist, to bring about the glory of Christ’s resurrection and ascension.

The lawless era was the end of the era of the Gentiles who were scheduled to trample on the Holy City until their time is up. Now that the era of the Gentiles is over, Christ has gone back to Jerusalem where he came from. He traveled across the history of the world moving from place to place until he got to the end of the world. Now he has returned to Jerusalem.

Rome was the penultimate battle ground and Nigeria was the Final battle ground. All the ruling spirits came to gather in Nigeria to fight against the body of Christ. In collaboration with the ruling spirits in the streets of Rome, they made the body of Christ go through hell. They brought suffering on him and tried desperately to prevent him from bringing the glory of Christ’s resurrection and return to Jerusalem. Spiritual rulers, authorities, dominions, thrones, principalities, powers, and every name in the world came out to frustrate and stop Jesus while he was traveling across the history of the world. But he overcame all of them and brought forth the glory of his resurrection.

The glory is the crown on all God’s work and the dazzling light of his presence now shining over Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.