Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection is a massive Muslim awakening. The work done by the Muslims over the centuries are now being confirmed, and also being used to confirm the works of the Christians and the Jews. These great works were done by the Muslims without being mindful of what they were doing. God used their hands to do these spectacular things; and their consciousness of these things is the resurrection.

It is interesting to state that what the Muslims are doing at the Great Mosque of Mecca brought Christ from death to life. Without the erecting of the Kaaba in Mecca, without the Black Stone in the Kaaba, Christian claim of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ would never have been confirmed.

Death means to be unconscious. Here is the definition of the word unconscious:
“The state of not being awake, especially as a result of head injury”

Islam solves so many mysteries in Christianity and Judaism more than the Muslims could ever imagine. Such outstanding solutions to the mysteries in Judaism and Christianity place Islam at the core of salvation.

According to Islamic believe system, the Black Stone of Mecca was a white stone which turn from white to black as a result of the sin of men. This confirmed Christian teachings which say that Jesus died after the sin of the whole world was placed on him. While Jesus was alive, he was the white stone, when he died, he became the black stone. Jesus was the white stone all the while he was preaching in the company of his twelve disciples. When he died, the white stone was transformed to a black stone.

The Muslims believe that the Black Stone will eventually come to judge. Likewise, Christians believe that Jesus is coming again to judge the living and the dead.

Christians have no iota of idea of what happened between the burial and the resurrection of Jesus. Central to this mystery was the removal of a stone from the entrance to the grave where Jesus was buried. The stone implies a great mystery. A great mystery was shrouding the resurrection of Jesus, and the mystery was described as a heavy stone. Now we know that the stone was rolled away by the work of the Muslims. The removal of the stone was the end of the mystery of the resurrection of Christ.

Christ’s fate was tied to certain persons so that whatever they were doing was manifesting in the body of Christ. Once his fate was tied to the Jews who strayed away, and consequently, he died. Then his fate was tied to the Arabs who ones strayed away but have come back; and consequently, Christ came from death to life. Life was with the Jews until Christ died; and when Christ died, the Jews died. Death was with the Arab until they took up the dead body of Christ; and when Christ came from death to life, the Arabs were raised from death to life.

Although Jesus was rejected by the Jewish Authority, some Jews were however separated from the others. These Jews were the early Christians who were called the children of the day. God is light; therefore he is described physically as the light of the day. We know that the light that shines in the day is the sunlight; therefore the Christians constitute the sunlight.

Jesus had to die so that the light of God could rule the night as well. The Muslims were the ones God chose to be the light of the night. This light is the moonlight; and the black stone is the dark moon. The black stone has a reflective surface capable of reflecting light and lighting up the darkness. This means that the black stone was meant to develop moonlight; and the eyes of the Muslims must be focused on the developing moonlight.

We know that the moon does not generate its own light. Moonlight is a reflection of sunlight. The moon reflects sunlight so that sunlight shines in the night through the reflective surface of the moon. The black stone is the moon and its reflective surface was meant to generate the light of God for the darkness. This light is brightest in the night at full moon.

At full moon the surface of the moon is painted white such that the black stone is transformed to a white stone. The white stone is the foundation stone inside the mosque called Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And the black stone is the Black Stone of Mecca at the eastern corner of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Another name for the Black Stone of Mecca is the Corner Stone. It is called the Corner Stone because it is located at the eastern corner of the Kaaba. Jesus spoke about the Black Stone of Mecca when he said the stone that the builders rejected as worthless has become the cornerstone. The builders who rejected the stone were the Jews – they rejected the stone when they rejected Jesus and denied that he was the King and Messiah.

Another name for the white foundation stone is the Pierced Stone. Jesus’ side was pierced after his death on the cross. One of the soldiers plunged his spear into Jesus’ side, and at once blood and water poured out. Jesus came with the scar after his resurrection that is why the White Foundation Stone is called the Pierced Stone.

Since the Black Moon is the Black Stone of Mecca and the Full moon is the Foundation Stone in Jerusalem, the Lunar Cycle is Islam revolving round Jerusalem and Mecca. This means that every month is Islam and the reign of Christ over the night.