Christ’s Return

Apart from Christ’s journey round the sun, Jesus also completed the lunar cycle. His journey round the Solar System is called the ascension and return of Christ, while his journey round the lunar circle is called the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christ’s ascension is the journey from Saturn to Venus. The journey of the ascension on earth is the journey of the Christians from the beginning of the Christian Movement in Jerusalem to the era of the Catholic and Apostolic Church in Nigeria. This journey is the flow of Divine Wisdom across the history of the world starting from Jerusalem to Nigeria.

At the end of this journey Divine Wisdom flowed back from Nigeria to Jerusalem where it all began. The flow of Divine Wisdom from Nigeria back to Jerusalem is the return of Christ to Jerusalem. Small wonder Nigeria is depicted as a ring at the summit of Dome of the Rock. The ring is ‘Ring of Light’ lighting up the sky of Jerusalem.

This means that Christ’s Journey from Venus back to Saturn is the return of Jesus. It also means that the ascension and resurrection of Jesus is the complete circle round the sun.

Christ’s return is about his appearing in Jerusalem. For him to appear in Jerusalem, he must descend from the sky and resurrect from the dead at the same time. Both the ascension and the descending of Christ were two events taking place simultaneously in the history of the world. The Ascension was a Christian journey across the history of the earth, while the descending was a Muslim Journey across the history of the world.

This means that the return of Christ from the sky is the coming of the Christians from the west to Jerusalem, and the resurrection is the coming of the Muslims from the East to Jerusalem.

The ascension is a clockwise motion. It is moving towards the right or the positive direction; while the descending is moving anticlockwise or towards the left or negative direction. Both the ascending and the descending were acts of moving away from Jerusalem. The Christians drifted from Jerusalem to Rome, and the Muslims drifted from Jerusalem to Mecca. This drifting by Christians and Muslims to two extremes was the cause of strong disagreement which led to mutual distrust between Christians and Muslims and the subsequent violence and conflicts between Christians and Muslims.

The resurrection brings the Muslims from their place in Mecca to Jerusalem and the return brings the Christians from their place in Rome to Jerusalem. This means that where Dome of the Rock and Dome of the Chain are at the Temple Mount is the place of agreement, reconciliation, love, peace and unity between Christianity and Islam. It is the place where Jews, Christians and Muslims are confirmed as fellow members of one big Abraham’s family.

Hand writings of peace are all over Dome of the Chain and Dome of the Rock. God used the hands of men to write on the Temple Mount, and understanding these writings is what is required for peace in the Promised Land. It is only when there is peace that the land is truly the Promised Land. Thanks be to God that he has given us adequate understanding of his secret writings.