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Okanran (|| || || |) is the second Odu on the list of the sixteen principal Odu of Ifa divination system. It has three double lines in the first three positions and a single line in the fourth position.

Since a double line represents the split side of a cowrie and a single line the smooth side, Okanran is comprised of three split sides of three cowries in the first three positions and a smooth side of a cowrie in the fourth position.

A split side of a cowrie is equal to 0, and its smooth side is equal to 1. Therefore, the three split sides are equal to 000 and Okanran is equal to 0001.

A cowry is a binary number comprised of 0 (split side) and 1 (smooth side). And an Odu is equal to 4 bits (binary digits). 0001 is a 4-bit binary numeral.
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Oyeku (|| || || ||) is the first of the sixteen Odu of Ifa oracle divination system. It is comprised of four double lines; each double line represents the split side of a cowrie shell, and the four double lines are the split sides of four cowries.

Each Odu is equal to 4 bits (binary digits). A double line in an Odu or the split side of a cowrie is equal to 0 and a single line or the smooth side of a cowrie is equal to 1.

Therefore,  the four double lines (four split sides) in Oyeku are equal to 0000.

Divine Cosmos

The divine cosmos is th scientific structure of  the harmonious universe and the solution to the world's problems available in religious books (like the Bible), astrological signs and symbols, and places where humans practice divination.

Although the divine cosmos is the absolute freedom, liberty and peace the whole world seek, it is the most underrated, overlooked and ignored.

The divine cosmos is all around us yet invisible to the eyes of men. To discover and embrace it is to be awakened.

Different religions and groups have different descriptions of the divine cosmos like there are different colours of a rainbow. It is called space-time, Mandala, the holy of holies, paradise, new Jerusalem, Taiji, Tetractys, Metatron's Cube, cosmic tree, holy mountain, the tree of life, etc.

Although the divine cosmos is concealed in everything humans worship as God, it is not actually what humans worship. Humans worship the things concealing and preventing mankind from advancing to the div…

Money Tree

The most attractive characteristic of the tree of life is that it is a Money Tree (Good Luck Tree) bringing good luck and good financial fortune to its owner. It attracts enormous wealth and opens windows of financial opportunities.

Money Tree is the cosmos summarized into the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. A stem of money tree usually have five leaves, where each leaf is an element and the five leaves are the five elements.

Metatron's Cube is Money Tree where the five elements are the five Platonic Solids: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

The tetrahedron is one half of the cube revealing the point where the three vertices meet. The hexahedron is the six facets of the cube, the octahedron is the eight vertices of the cube, dodecahedron is the twelve edges of the cube, and icosahedron is the sum of the eight vertices and the twenty edges.

The cube is the holy city, which means that the new Jerusalem is about good financial for…

Cowrie One Money Order

The world is in an era of one money order where cowries have devalued hard currencies like the Euro and Pound Sterling and displaced the the US Dollar as the standard global currency.

Based on a September 14, 2019 exchange rate, 1 Bitcoin is equal to 10325.624452723 United States Dollar.

Foreign exchange, stock exchange, international trade, and bank transactions now depend on only one monetary means of transaction: cowrie.

Cowrie or cowry is the sole intermediate between every foreign exchange. Dollar must first be converted to cowries before it can be exchanged for any other currency in the international market.

In the stock exchange market, the values of goods and services are displayed in cowries and investors buy and sell stocks using cowries.

Humans all over the world carry bags of cowries in the form of VISA card, Mastercard, Verve, etc. Banks save money by converting physical cash to cowries. You can retrieve your cash from the bank by inserting your card in an ATM where the …

16 Cowries

The sixteen cowries represent enormous wealth and divine health stored in spacetime. They constitute the Yoruba term merindilogun or dilogun, reflecting the medicinal properties of the leaves (herbs) of the tree of life and the enormous wealth of precious stones in the divine cosmos (the holy city).

The holy city and the tree of life are two different names for the cosmos (heaven), and Metatron's Cube was the missing link between the city and the tree.

Merin and Ogun are Yoruba terms for four and twenty respectively. In Yoruba, merindillogun denotes 16 because it means twenty minus four.

Ogun = 20

Merin = 4

Merindillogun = 20 - 4
                         = 16

The claim that money doesn't grow on trees is invalid. Nations, kingdoms, businesses, institutions, organisations and religious groups are money trees.

The tree of life is a money tree whose leaves also heals poverty.

Merindillogun (16 Cowries) is a famous probabilistic computing system used by native doctors in traditio…

Digital Structure of Hydrogen

Hydrogen atom is a base 2 system comprised of only two binary numbers: 0 and 1. An atom of hydrogen has only one proton and one electron, where the proton is numerically equal to 0 (zero) and the electron is equal to 1 (one).

In semiconductors like Silicon, the proton is called a hole while the electron retains its name. The interaction between the hole and electron form the basis of the design of diodes, transistors, and computers.

What we are saying is that the interaction between hole and electron doesn't apply to the rare Earth metals alone, but all elements in the Periodic Table and the entire universe.

Everything in the universe constitute the net (network) called spacetime continuum. The net is the World Wide Web (the internet) - the store of information of all things in the universe.

If you want to know anything about hydrogen, what you should do is type the word "hydrogen" into a search engine (like Yandex or Bing or DuckDuckGo) and click search. The search eng…



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