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Bagua Square

Bagua Square is a two-dimensional model of a cubicle symbolic of balance, stability, equity, fairness and justice. Another name for Bagua Square is Perfect Square or Foursquare. Four out of the six square facets of a cube are the four squares in the Foursquare.

Bagua means heaven, and Bagua Square is Paradise, the holy city described as follows,

"The city was perfectly square, as wide as it was long." (Revelation 21:16)

A Square = 4 (four sides)
Perfect Square = 4 × 4
                           = 16

16 is equal to the sixteen vertices of the two cubes constituting the tesseract.

The city is the new Jerusalem.

Thee new Jerusalem is a tesseract - a four dimensional space of a small cube in a large cube. The outer cube is the Holy of Holies and the inner cube is the light inside the Most Holy Place.

The light is invisible to the naked eye, which means that it is spiritual. Hence the new Jerusalem is an empty transparent cube.

The four square facets on the four sides of the cube represent space, and the two square facets facing up and down represent time.

Space is the visible outer cube and time is the invisible inner cube. Consequently, the square facing up and the square facing down are invisible. This explains why the cube is represented by the remaining four squares.

Each square is a flaming quadrant and the four squares are four quadrants of fire.

The Tao is the World (the information) and Bagua Square is the light that came out of the Word.

"The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to humanity. " (John 1:4)

The Word: Tao

Light: Perfect Square (Bagua Square)

Bagua Square is a light that shines on everyone irrespective of their religious or non-religious affiliations. It shines on people of every tribe, race, nation and language.

"This was the real light - the light that comes into the world and shines on everyone." (John 1:9)

Bagua Square is a compass and the light is a clock. The compass represents space or direction and the clock symbolises time or vision. Space is rose and time is lily. Since rose and lily are flowers, the light is the beauty of love depicted by the two flowers.

The Foursquare is the throne of God and the light is God on his throne.

Bagua compass is a single square divided into four equal squares by the four cardinal points.

The prophet Ezekiel described the four cardinal points as four living creatures with outstretched wings.

"There under the dome stood the creatures, each stretching out two wings towards the ones next to it and covering its body with the other two wings." (Ezekiel 1:23)

The centre of the Bagua Square is O, and the four living creatures are ON, OE, OS and OW. The outstretched wings of ON are Nnw and Nne; OE, Ene and Ese; SO, Sse and Ssw; OW, Wsw and Wnw. The other four wings are invisible because they are folded in the directions: NO, EO, SO and WO.

The perfect square made up of space and time is spacetime. This means that spacetime is the bright light called the city of light, the holy city, the city of gold and the New Jerusalem.



Holy of Holies

The Holy of Holies or the Most Holy Place is the Axis Mundi in the form of a brilliant or glowing transparent glass cube described as the holy city, the great city, the holy Jerusalem, the new Jerusalem, and the bride (the wife of the Lamb).

“Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.”      (Revelation 21:9) "NIV"
A cube is made up of six square facets, eight vertices and twelve edges. The eight vertices constitute space, the twelve edges constitute time, and the six square facets (or faces) constitute space-time where the three hands of time are reconciled to three dimensional space.

8 Vertices = Space

12 Edges = Time

6 Sides = Space-time

Space (the 8 vertices) is a compass and time (the 12 edges) is a clock, such that the cube (the Holy of Holies) is a compass clock.

The compass is the geographical axis, the clock is the celestial axis, and the cube is the Axis Mundi (the center of the world) where the celestial axis and the geographical axis are connected or u…

Tao is the Blessed Trinity

Tao (the Holy Spirit) is the third person of the Blessed Trinity. The other two persons are contained in the Holy Spirit, such that the Tao, though is one person, is the sum of the other two persons. The Tao is equal to three persons because the outer person is made up of an inner two persons. The two persons in the third person constitute the Dao.

The Blessed Trinity is the Circumbinary Disk, and the other two persons of the Blessed Trinity are the two binary black holes inside the Tao. The first binary black hole is the Father, the second binary black hole is the Son, and the Tao is the Holy Spirit.

T in the word Tao is the first letter of the prefix Tri-. Tri means three (3).
Examples of usage of the prefix Tri- are as follows:
Trioxide: a trioxide is a compound with three oxygen atoms.Trimester: a period of three months.Triad:a group or set of three related people or things. The Trinity is made up of three persons called the Blessed Trinity, and the Blessed Trinity is equal to the …

Right Angle

Right angle is the angle between two perpendicular lines. The first line is the vertical line representing the Father, the second line is the horizontal line representing the Son, and the right angle between the Father and the Son is equal to ninety degrees.

The Father and the Son are two axes: Y-Axis and X-Axis respectively. The vertical line is the Y-Axis, the horizontal line is the X-Axis.

The vertical line or the Father is the object and the horizontal line is the shadow of the object. The object is God and the shadow of the object is man. Man is the horizontal X-Axis on the ground because man was created from the dust (earth).

All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. (Ecclesiastes 3:20) "NIV"
The man is the shadow of God because God created man in his own image and likeness.

God created mankind in his own image,in the image of God he created them;male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27) "NIV"
This means that God is standing u…



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