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Angle on a Straight Line

Angle on a straight line, equal to 180°, is formed when man and God start from rest and travel in opposite directions. The formula for rest is π7π`; where π is God and π' is man, and 7 is rest. 7 denotes rest because God rested from his work of creation (construction) on the seventh day.

It is clear from the formula of rest that God did not rest alone, but rested with man. At rest, God and man live in the perfect harmony called fellowship.

Rest is the neutrality known as non-judgment. Here, God doesn't deal with sin, but saves man from sin. He teaches man the knowledge required for him to live above sin. Consequently π7π` is a school where God is the teacher, man is the student, and the screen or writing board between them is described as a sea of glass.

The screen is the sky. God writes on the sky and the students look up to read and study what God has written. This was why the Bible said look up or raise up your heads.

Salvation is education. It is like Mathematics having problems and solutions. God, after teaching, gives assignments. And humans (the students) are expected to work out the answers to the problems. This was why God said, "work out your salvation."

If man is caught up in religious conflicts, it is because God has gone to the future and man did not follow him. God has advanced from the elementary level of education to the university, while man continues to insist on the basic education he received from the beginning. He (man) stopped learning even though God continues to teach.

The students are princes and princesses receiving the knowledge required for them to live in heaven. This means that heaven or paradise is a royal society of kings and queens. Heaven is about reasoning. It is a place reserved for people of sound minds.

God prepares people to live in heaven by teaching them the things of heaven. An ignorant man is the opposite of God whose relationship with God is the polarity known as Yin and Yang. He and God travel in two opposite directions, such that they form a straight line. The angle between them is 180° (angle on a straight line).

Since God is about education, the ignorant man is in conflict with God. The conflict is the chaos called Judgement. In other words, the angle on a straight line is the angle of Judgement.

The formula of Judgement or polarity is ππ`; where π is one extreme and π` is the other extreme. The first extreme is the positive direction and the second extreme is the negative direction. The positive direction is God (education), the negative direction is ignorance (the rebellious man).

Note that 7 is absent in the formula ππ`.

The absence of 7 implies the cancellation of the teacher-student relationship between God and man. The writing board (7) between them is removed, and the relationship is cancelled. This, of course, is called the falling away or the awful horror.

God is +1, man is -1, and the writing board is zero. Without the writing board, God is isolated from man: the isolation is the dark circle called Ein Sof (Wuji) where God is invisible (unknowable). Here, the relationship between God and man is a straight line drawn from +1, through 0, to -1. The angle between +1 and -1 is 180°.

The restoration of the teacher and student relationship between God and man is the emanation called Ohr (the infinite light).



Four-dimensional Space

In harmony, 4-D space (four-dimensional space) is a tesseract comprised of an outer large cube representing 3-D space and a small invisible inner cube representing the fourth dimension.

The two cubes are space and time, such that the tesseract is spacetime.

Spacetime implies equilibrium between space and time.

A cube is made up of the following three equal sides:

1. Length (l)
2. Breadth (b)
3. Height (h)

The three sides are three dimensions of space such that the cube represents three-dimensional space.

Time (the fourth dimension) has the following three sides:

1. Hour
2. Minute
3. Second

Time is the reflection of space, which means that time is a cube in another dimension.

Since length is l, breadth is b and height is h, hour is l', minute is b' and second is h'. l', b' and h' are reflections of l, b and h respectively, such that time is the image of space.

There is a mirror between time and space. When a cube is placed in front of a mirror, the image in the…

Yinyang in the Holy Bible

Yinyang is the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire described in Exodus 13:21-22. The pillar of cloud is darkness (Yin), the pillar of fire is light (Yang), such that the two pillars are Yinyang.

"During the day the LORD went in front of them in a pillar of cloud to show them the way, and during the night he went in front of them in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel night and day. The pillar of cloud was always in front of the people during the day, and the pillar of fire at night." (Exodus 13:21-22)

Note that Yinyang is not 'Yin Yang'. Yinyang implies unity or reconciliation and 'Yin Yang' means division or conflict.

The Israelites left Egypt as a united people, which implies that their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land was governed by the force of Yinyang (not Yin Yang).

Yinyang is only one word. Yin Yang are two words.

Yinyang = 1 (unity or neutrality)

Yin Yang = 2 (division or polarity)

Day and night are two equal hal…

Circumscribed Circle

In geometry, a circumscribed circle (also circumcircle) of a polygon is a circle enclosing a cyclic polygon such that the circumference of the circle passes through all the vertices of the polygon.

All triangles and all regular simple polygons are cyclic polygons, which means that equilateral triangle, regular cyclic quadrilateral, regular pentagon, regular hexagon and regular octagon are cyclic polygons.

Recall that an octet is a regular octagon comprised of regular hexagons and equilateral triangles. Since these three geometric shapes are cyclic polygons, an octet is a circle comprised of circles.

In logical reasoning, the intersection between two equilateral triangles is a conjunction between two circles or two rings. Two circumscribed equilateral triangles are merged to form a circumscribed regular hexagon, and eight circumscribed regular hexagons are fused to form a circumscribed regular octagon.

Since the three geometric shapes are circumscribed polygons, each one can be substi…



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