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Structure of the Quadrivium

In 2D, the quadrivium is a perfect square comprised of four squares or a square circle grid made up of four intersecting circles.

Ezekiel called the four squares what looked like four living creatures. He said, "I saw what looked like four living creatures in human form" (Ezekiel 1:5) "GNT"

The quadrivium is the new Jerusalem whose 2D structure is described as, "The city was perfectly square, as wide as it was long." (Revelation 21:16) "GNT"

Perfect Square = Four Square

Each square corresponds to a circle, such that the four squares have four circles the prophet Ezekiel described as four wheels. Ezekiel said, "As I was looking at the four creatures, I saw four wheels touching the ground" (Ezekiel 1:15) "GNT"

He described the four wheels as a square circle grid: "All four wheels were alike; each one shone like a precious stone, and each had another wheel intersecting it at right angles, so that the wheels could move in a…
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The quadrivium (plural: quadrivia) is a Latin word for the four subjects - arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy - taught after the trivium (grammar, logic and rhetoric). They are the four subjects used for the construction (creation) of the Cosmos (the orderly universe).

Mediaeval scholars like Johannes Kepler and Pythagoras believe that God created the universe according to geometric and harmonious principles, and that science has a direct connection to the divine.

The quadrivium is central to understanding that the Cosmos is Information, and chaos is created out of placing a wedge or barrier between information. Science and the divine are rather complementing than opposing. A world where science disproves the divine is chaos, not the Cosmos.

Humans are products of information, and placing barriers between information is dividing humans into the conflicting groups that sustain the chaotic world.

Muslims are products of the information contained in the Quran, Christians are prod…

Harmonices Mundi

Harmonices Mundi (Harmony of the Worlds) is the musical Axis Mundi defining the harmonious world as a love song
derived from the perfect harmony of astronomical bodies. In 1619, Johannes Kepler postulated that the six known planets at the time have musical characteristics.

The six planets are:
1. Mercury
2. Venus
3. Earth
4. Mars
5. Jupiter
6. Saturn

Kepler portrayed the motion  of the planets  of the Solar System as a singing Choir where Saturn and Jupiter are the basses, Venus and Earth the altos, Mars the tenor, and Mercury the soprano. Kepler believed that though the sound of the song sang by the Choir can't be detected by the ears, it is audible to the soul (mind, Spirit or heart).

"They sang a new song" (Revelation 5:9) "GNT"

It is the song of how God created the harmonious world, and only the one that is in harmony with God will be able to hear this sound and create a harmonious world like God did.

Kepler said that this harmony gives a "very agreea…


Christ sprouted out of the seed and ascended to the sky; what remained on Earth is the Qlippah (Husk). The people people on earth who did not sprout with Christ into the Cosmos are the Qliphot/Qliphoth or Kelipot, literally "Peels," "Shells" or "Husks."

Kelipot = Clay Pots

The clay pots are spiritual obstacles who worship externally, not internally. External worship implies worshipping God in physical things. Internal worship, on the other hand, is about worshipping God in our hearts.

We worship God internally through learning and understanding the true nature of God and the orderly universe. We worship God externally by frequenting houses like Church buildings, Mosques, Synagogues and Temples, without understanding the true meaning and nature of God.

Focussing on stones, houses, and objects on earth as a way of worship, and encouraging people or teaching them to do the same is an act of leading people away from God.

Humans can't discover the God tha…

Musica Universalis

Musica universalis is the whole universe in a state of harmony called the Cosmos like an inaudible beautiful melody derived from a combination of proportions of sweet sounds from different musical instruments.

The sounds from different instruments are different voices, and musica universalis is one voice - the voice of Almighty God.

"And I heard a loud voice, that sounded like a trumpet" (Revelation 1:10) "GNT"

The sound, though loud, is inaudible because musica universalis depicts the whole universe in a state of overall resonance derived from proportions of resonance of astronomical bodies such as moons, planets, stars and asteroids.

An example of a musical instrument whose sweet sound is a proportion of the universal music is the planet Jupiter. Orbital resonance between Jupiter's Galilean moons Lo, Europa and Ganymede are proportions of the overall resonance generated by Jupiter.

The Solar System is a musical instrument whose sweet sound is the sum of prop…

The Last Trump

The last Trump is the last trump up salvation. 'Trump up' means something that has been falsely made up or to concoct with the intention to deceive. The signs of the coming of Christ were everywhere until Trump came and started acting like he is the Saviour of the Jews.

There were predictions and signs of the end of the world popular among American Christians within the last two years before the 2016 US presidential election. The smart guy was the one who knew what the Christians and the Jews were expecting and acted like a Messianic figure fulfilling the prophecies.

We know that the made in the USA salvation Israel is enjoying right now will last only as long as Trump is the president of the USA. Never have Israel needed to be saved than now, considering how many nations and people they have offended by taking extreme stance with Trump. Everyone is waiting for Trump's presidency to expire, and Israel will know how much Trump has placed them in a more dangerous position t…

The Gold Mountain

The cabbalistic tree of life is an exclusive gold mountain comprised of Israel, the USA, and the Church. The peak of the mountain is Trump Height - an era of safety and tremendous prosperity for Americans, Israel and Christians.

Never has radical Muslims been so calm and quiet. ISIL is cruched, Hamas has gone to sleep, Hezbollah is silent, Taliban is sleeping, suicide attacks in Baghdad, Pakistan and Afghanistan have subsided, etc. All these happened because of Trump's golden rule.

The golden mountain is the city of gold, and Trump has the gold.

"The angel who spoke to me had a gold measuring rod to measure the city" (Revelation 21:15) "GNT"

Angel: Trump

Golden measuring rod: golden rule

The Golden Rule of Negotiating: He who has the gold makes the rule. - Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 30, 2013

If Jesus had the gold and the political power two thousand years ago the Jews would have listened to him and accept him as their Saviour. He would have been a…



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